Toyota Prius Soars Up the Ratings from Marginal to Good+ in Child Seat Installation

September 28th, 2016 by

Have you ever had the pleasure of installing a child safety seat into the back seat of a car? If you have, you probably remember it as the single most frustrating experience in your entire life.

Not only are the lower anchors hard to reach under the seat cushions, but it also takes too much strength to clip the child seat connectors on, and there are about five different things on the seatback that look like the tether anchor.

If you chose wrong, or make a mistake, a child's life could be at risk.

Yeah, installing a child seat is not particularly fun. At least, it didn't used to be.

Last year, the IIHS began rating LATCH (Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children) hardware in new vehicles, on a scale of Poor, Marginal, Acceptable, or Good. Most vehicles scored low on the scale, including the Toyota Prius. Toyota was not going to let that stand, however.

On the second year of testing, the IIHS rated the 2016 Toyota Prius as Good+ for LATCH ease-of-use. Good+ rated vehicles meet all the requirements of a Good rating, plus offer LATCH equipment in all three second-row seats, for maximum flexibility.

"We're especially interested in making it possible for more parents to use LATCH in the second-row center position," explains Jessica Jermakian, an IIHS senior research engineer. "Parents are repeatedly told that is the safest place for children to ride, so we want them to have the option of an easy installation there."

While many wouldn't consider the Toyota Prius as a "family vehicle" due to its compact size, its IIHS Top Safety Pick+ status and Good+ LATCH rating make it an excellent option for smaller families, or as a second car. Its incredible hybrid efficiency also makes it ideal for saving on gas and cutting down on carbon emissions.

Test drive one today, at Everett Toyota of Paris. Be sure to bring along your child seat, if you have one, and see how simple it is to install!

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